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”Belcher is different again, physician here showing rough cartoons whose hero is Moogee the Art Dog, ampoule wandering through the minefield of the contemporary art establishment. The cartoons are openly hostile rather than merely satirical, the tickboxy culture brutally castigated by Belcher’s spleen probably deserving such a good savaging “
MARK PATTERSON, Nottingham Evening Post ‘TYPO’ show review 20.10.06

Moogee’s Kennel – Cartoons.
Moogee’s Kennel

Moogee’s Criticism

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  1. Chitra Rmaanathan, Artist Says:

    I am a USA based contemporary painter. who I am taking the opportunity here to wish my artist friends, fellow artists, fans, and everyone else who has made this past year such a memorable and special one for me.

    A painter who has been teaching academic courses and workshops in Acrylics and Mixed media Painting, I was invited to the Royal Academy Schools, London as a Visiting Artist Lecturer to speak about my body of thematic paintings in October 2005.

    Best wishes for 2009,

    Chitra Ramanathan

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