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College / University
Hornsey / Middlesex University / Life
B.A. Fine Arts
Member type
Artist, generic Critic, site Curator, Gallery, Non-Profit
If you’re an artist, what kind of art do you make?
Conceptual, Digital, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Photography
I am…
a cartoon dog and I bite pretentious cats…
About my artwork
woof, snarl, grrrrrrrr
Artists I like
Huckleberry Hound, Deputy Dawg, Scooby Doo…
What exhibitions are good at the moment?
Connect 2008, Lincoln Collection UK
The centre of the artworld is
online, another city

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Moogee’s Kennel

”Belcher is different again, here showing rough cartoons whose hero is Moogee the Art Dog, wandering through the minefield of the contemporary art establishment. The cartoons are openly hostile rather than merely satirical, the tickboxy culture brutally castigated by Belcher’s spleen probably deserving such a good savaging “
MARK PATTERSON, Nottingham Evening Post ‘TYPO’ show review 20.10.06

Moogee’s Kennel – Cartoons.
Moogee’s Kennel

Moogee’s Criticism

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