Zenon Gradkowski September 5th – 22nd 2006

zenon show
Zenon Gradkowski
September 5th – 22nd

Works by LACE artist Zenon were on display
in the entrance gallery to New College Nottingham
Monday 4th September until Friday 22nd September 2006.


Zenon Gradkowski Work Statement.

In the early formation of these paintings the primary interest was making semi-abstract figure paintings that were related to much body based work of the time. As the work progressed each form became minimal. Colour reduction and eventual multiplication, stuff allow the paintings to achieve more in their own work and development.

Theoretically there was a combination of text on abstraction and the body informing the work. As the work moved on from these sources and began to occupy a territory of it’s own that is still being explored.

The paintings now achieve more within themselves. The paintings explore artificial depth, through interplay between the forms and how they create space. The sense of space used simple rules to create artificial depth. As the paintings started to adhere to these rules, they have now begun to bend these rules towards the necessity of reaching final outcome. However the search for a final outcome is a continuous loop.

The continuous search for a conclusion led towards influences outside the area of painting. Absorption, recycling and influence of culture and outside sources drive the work forward. Is the continuous search for a conclusion a search for a reality that like the conclusion cannot be reached?

All works are for sale, contact the artist on z.gradkowski@ntlworld.com

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