Research Space

The Research Space was launched on July 1st 2007 and utilised a studio space within the Egerton Studio – part of the Oldknows Complex.

This research space was a flexible art space to be used by selected artists as they wished for a period of one calendar month.

The Egerton Studio was effectively evicted by a forced rent rise by Landlord in 2008.

GF is currently actively seeking new and more fluid spaces to utilise…we will keep you posted…

Full list of participants

01: Michael Bowdidge

02: Inge Tong

03: Alex Stevenson

04: Joe Kelly

05: Nicholas Wright

06: Geoff Diego Litherland

07: Phillip Henderson

08: Moogee the art dog

09: Pauline Woolley





Goldfactory Research Space

The notion of the project space developed out of earlier aspirations for Goldfactory both an artistic resource and a promotional tool and as a catalyst for new developments in art and art-presentation.

A research space is not a gallery nor is it a studio. The short residency within the space enables new ideas to develop without the clutter and baggage that a permanent studio might engender. Nor does the space bring with it the pressures of a public exhibition space where a finished product is presented to the public. The research space seeks to present art as an ongoing process. As an exploration not as a finished product that provides all the answers. It changes the way art is consumed without being enfeebled by the market place.

Goldfactory Research Space:

Egerton Studios

4th Floor

Oldknows Factory

St. Anns Hill Road




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